Far Meadow Library Extension

Annabelle & Bob

Louise and Lucas were a delight to work with. We had a library built onto the house, opening off our main living area, I fully expected that the intrusion into daily life would be significant, but Lucas ensured that it was not at all.
Lucas is a first class craftsman and he ensures that all the subcontractors he employs work to the same high standards of workmanship and also of professionalism. All the men went out of their way to work around us, to be as unobtrusive as possible and to ensure that at all stages we knew what to expect in terms of number of people on site and the nature of the work being conducted at any particular time.
Lucas and Louise are both great communicators and ensured that there were never any misunderstandings. Given that the build occurred during the pandemic, there were times when things were held up, we were always informed of this and in the end Lucas ensured that the construction was still completed on time and that the site was tidy when they left, even to restoring the lawn which had to be used to access the site.
I would commend Harlor Building Service to anybody looking for a first class build with minimal fuss and maximum professionalism.